Mar 11, 2006

Time Is Running Out

Christopher Wool - Riot (1990)

My 5PM morning air stunk of rotting pepperoni-flavored stagnancy and my lungs have never been so bitter. Rebelling by trying to make an impact on the world, I provoked a punch in the face from a man in the basement of a bookstore and a $30 parking ticket from an authority proxy. As usual in my life questing, I got as far as a computer to blog. Time is running out.

Muse - Time Is Running Out (mp3)

Blogoholic's Fix(es) of the Day:
Checkout the coverage of the Gorilla vs. Bear Showcase at Gorilla vs Bear and My Old Kentucky Blog.
Checkout Ror-Shak at their myspace. Very chill electronic reminding of a Goldfrapp self-consious vodka haze.


At Sunday, March 12, 2006, Blogger Jenny said...

Punched in the face eh? How'd you manage that?
I feel regardless of your interpretation of my self-indulged email (was there an interpretation? am I further indulging myself by assuming your lack of contact with me is a result of my ramblings? Afterall, maybe you're just busy) you should still come to milwaukee for some solid st. patrick's day extravaganzas. A schedule has started to develop.......the day starts with a keg at 4:30am ...... so you better find something green to wear and show up promptly.

also, i've been trying to find you a definitive source for information about the milwaukee smoking ban, as I am too lazy to summarize ...... that has yet to happen....


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