Jul 23, 2006

My Life as a Research Specimen

The Tissue Culture and Art Project - Disembodied Cuisine (2004)

I will be blogging for the next 10 days from a research facility where I am serving as a guinea pig for the first human testing of a new HIV integrase inhibitor drug. In the spirit of blood draws and headaches, I'll probably be posting more science than usual... which should provide an interesting persective on music and art for your pleasure.

Though I arrived at the research facility too late to register for the popular exploratory cannibalism studies, some fellow research organisms are donating their tissue to advance the sympathetically sustainable meat industry and to gray the boundary at which science and art chat over a juicy frog steak. With the world cowboy finally acknowledging scientific research issues by protecting dellusional personifications of unfated and unwanted tissue matter against the better judgement of anyone who knows anything about science, I don't expect a laboratory will relace his beloved cattle ranch anytime soon. Though, I am quite intrigued that the human Dolly seems more likely to be cloned by a privately-supported artist than a publicly-supported scientist.

My unhealthy obsession with everything siphoned from the Swedish mystery The Knife continues as needles and scalpels become regular utensils in my mandated military-time routine. The song "The Bird" even suggests beeping EEG monitors and stands as a striking "Silent Shout" high-pitched counterpart. Other recent blog love includes Gorilla vs. Bear displaying a couple tracks from Karin's previous band, Honey is Cool, and Said the Gramophone dissecting Ratatat cover of The Knife's stellar "We Share Our Mother's Health". Let's hope these are the only Knives I see today.

The Knife - Bird (mp3)

If I had a bird's privledge of being blessed with flight, but not the limited mental capacity to take it for granted... this is exactly what I'd do (Invigilate - Roch Forowicz). [*HIGHLY RECCOMENDED*]


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