Jul 15, 2008

So Get A Move On and Jump In

Martynka Wawrzyniak - Untitled (2006)

Today Forward Music Fest announced tons of amazing bands who will be playing Madison 9/19-20. Two-day passes are on sale now for only $25 at www.ForwardMusicFest.com. Here's a sampling of some of the new pieces I'm most excited about:
  • The Brooklyn duo High Places whose free-flowing indie moo moo has recently been draped all over the likes of Pitchfork, Stereogum, and Gorilla vs Bear. [myspace]
  • The sunny, enunciated pop of Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, fresh off Rilo Kiley's spring tour. [myspace]
  • Howe Gelb's alt-country band Giant Sand, which boasts an incredible list of past guest members and originally employed half of Calexico. [myspace]
  • Milwaukee's indie-rock all-stars Decibully. [myspace]
  • Dreamy-ballad collective Stars Like Fleas (featuring Madison's own Ryan Smith and Oldham-lauded solo artist Sam Amidon) who recently released what Pitchfork called "one of the year's most ambitious and daring records". [myspace]
  • The insane performance rock of Monotonix. [myspace]
  • A DJ set by Bloodshot Records' owner Nan Warshaw and the gentle new oldies of Scotland Yard Gospel Choir from her label. [myspace]
  • Punk remants of Leftover Crack, Choking Victim, and The Degenerics on their first tour under the new name Star Fucking Hipsters. [myspace]
  • Chicago band The Dials' popular eclectic retro-pop stylings. [myspace]
  • The reunion of Scared of Chaka, an influential punk rock band that includes The Shins bassist Dave Hernandez. [myspace]
  • Midwest indie darlings Headlights whose polished videos are some of the very few still shown by MTV. [myspace]
  • The acoustic stories of Kazutaka Nomura as PWRFL Power, taking a break from being a national insurance salesman. [myspace]
  • Haunting gusto from Chicago electro-outfit Aleks and the Drummer. [myspace]
  • One-man oddity Grampall Jookabox and his handmade Midwest folk. [myspace]
  • Plus Madison favourites Pale Young Gentlemen, Screaming Cyn Cyn & The Pons, Droids Attack, Blueheels and many more...

High Places - Jump In [For Gilkey Elementary School] (mp3): If the project didn't already have a theme song, I'd suggest this one.


At Wednesday, July 16, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soooo jealous! Sorry I can't make it. I want to - bad.

Did I ever tell you that I dig PWRFL Power? I am also losing my goddamn mind over Crane Your Swan Neck. I don't have either of their CDs, but I need them - like I need mini-boxed wine and High Gravity anything.....


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