Dec 31, 2005

CHECKOUT The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are manic danceable indietronic with a high-energy interactive live show. Sincere, layered vocals skip over low-fi beats arranged with a mature pop sensibility. Their website boasts, "If prince was wearing a tracksuit at a bar, THE CLEVELAND BROWNS would be on his iPod." So if you find yourself on a bar stool next to the unpronounceable , you'll want to be prepared to communicate non-verbally via the international art of playlist-swapping.

Cleveland Browns - Searches (mp3)
...and who hasn't belted a "duet" with a Kylie Minogue song in the car?
Cleveland Browns - I (Heart) Kylie (mp3) [*one of my favourite remixes]

My life is a joke EVENT OF THE DAY: Some girl shot me the dirtiest death glance for interacting with my own interactive art installation at the art show. I'm quite interested in the hilarity of her perception of me as a stranger "ruining" the art. In this situation she took on the role of the artist away from me, herself creating what the art should be. In fact, I was the artist and she was "ruining" the interaction quality of the installation's intention. Weird.
Gratitude of the Day: Beth Wick and Jenny Adam.


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