Dec 27, 2005

DarkSide of the Moon CELEBRATION

If you find yourself in Madison on the evening of Friday, December 30th 2006...

The Dark Side of the Moon exhibit is assembled approximately every three years in observance of the Dark Moon. When two New Moons occur in a one month period, it is called a Dark Moon. The Wiccans refer to it as a Black Moon, and believe any magic worked during this period to be especially powerful.

FRIDAY DECEMBER 30th ALL NIGHT STARTING AT 6PM on the 3rd Floor of the warehouse gallery at 100 S Baldwin Street. (The gallery is also open for viewing on Fri and Sat from noon-6pm)

1) Art and Installation by Steve Agee, Amandagaze, Anastasiya Chepil, Eric Hagstrom, Timothy Hughes, Kevin Kelly, Derek O'Brien, Kyle Pfister, Donald J. Swadley, Karin Wrzesinski
2) Film by Alex Andre and Jeffers Egan
3) Musical guests ALAN!, F.A.R.O.U.T! Ahrt Heawyre, MC Miracle, and DJ Psy-Phi
4) Performance Art and Installation by Graydancer, Marina Kelly, and Christine Olson


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