Dec 22, 2005

I got another plan. One that requires me to stand.

Been inspired by Saul for some activism lately...

Saul Williams - List of Demmands (mp3)
(image from Coachella 2004)

An EPA Environmental Health Excellence Award was announced for some Legacy programs I'm involved in. Pretty proud. Check out the second bullet.

Tonight I thought the "terrorists" had finally mistaken Madison's capitol for our country's. Turns out the bombing was just an American plow dropping snow like democracy all over the savage pavement from the top of an eight floor parking garage. I hope using the word terrorist doesn't already put this blog on the government's watch list after only the first post... Following last week's drunken white house visit I'm starting to become a formidable critic.

My life is a joke EVENT OF THE DAY: Van died for the second day in a row and is sitting in a parking garage right now accumulating fines.
Gratitude of the Day: Heat.


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