Jan 5, 2006

CHECKOUT Amy X Neuburg

Robert Rauschenberg - Retroactive (1964)

Amy X Neuburg's psychoses interact to produce a beat of complex voices, which she pumps through a meat grinder of decidedly bulky technology to output a conflicted, poignant product. Heavy on operatics and featuring impressive trans-octave maneuvering, Amy manages to construct a surprisingly pleasant listen characterized more by the flowing emotion than the hodgepodge of voice loops. Her themes resonate on continuums between the everyday and the surreal, the common and the poetic, the simple and the complex, the organic and the electronic. I'm intrigued by both her brilliance and her potential.

"I forgot to buy milk. I forgot to buy crackers. I forgot to have children. I forgot to set the alarm." - Residue

Amy's new piece "The Metaphor" with Present Music new music ensemble will premeire at Milwaukee Art Museum on Saturday, January 7th at 7:30PM following a talk at 6:45. [414-271-0711 for more info].

Amy X Neuburg - Life Stepped In (mp3)
Amy X Neuburg - My God (mp3)

Check out Amy's website.
Buy Amy's album "Residue" on iTunes or Amazon.

"Nothing. It's perfect now."

*Thanks Jenny and Mike!


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