Jan 24, 2006

Six String Sonics... Barney Material?

The Six String Sonics - Gil Kuno (2005)

A bunch of alternative musicians from Japan (headed by Gil Kuno) decided that the music scene was being stifled by the limitations of both the traditional band format and traditonal instrumentation. So, they buried the beloved icon of a six-string guitarist next to Jimi and Kurt and created six single-strung guitars - each to be played by a different individual stacked on giant structure that stands 20 feet tall as a cross between a todem pole and an oil rig. And I suppose this is where music and performance art meet. Watch the video performance that explains more.

The Six String Sonics - Demo 1

The Six String Sonics - Demo 3

I'm not so sure about the Demos, but I think there is unlimited potential in wierdness. I could see them working with Matthew Barney after he tires of Bjork. I know I'm getting sick of their partnership (at least musically), though Bjork-Barney babies will one day rule the world.


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