Jan 22, 2006

Web Art

Miltos Manetas - Priscilla (2005)

Miltos Manetas is a New York artist thriving in electronic media. He is opening an exhibit at Yvon Lambert in New York ( 564 West 25th Street) from Jan 21st - Feb 18th 2006. It's my dream to become a "neenstar".

*Miltos Manetas - Jackson Pollock -(2003)
*Miltos Manetas - Man in the Dark - (2004)
*Miltos Manetas - Jesus Swimming - (2001)
*Miltos Manetas - Theories

*Maie Ueda - Romanticus
*Angelo Plessas - Elastic Enthusiastic


At Monday, January 23, 2006, Anonymous me said...

these sites are sweet. why is no one commenting on them? does anybody even read this? or are the visitors just roaming machines looking for email addresses?


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