Feb 10, 2006

00s Music?

Ellen Gallagher - "Mr. Terrific" from "DeLuxe" (2004-2005)

Madonna's not the only one confused about what decade she's in; the 00s seem to be characterized more by their eclecticism and reinterpretation of styles past than anything overtly original. Perhaps it's an identity crisis looking forward to a new decade, but the nostaligia of familiar classics is very comforting. Here are some new songs with strong memories...

Mates of State - Fraud in the 80s (mp3)

Travis Morrison - Born in '72 (mp3)

The Indelicates - Julia We Don't Live in the 60s( mp3)

Tapes N Tapes - 50s Parking (mp3)


At Sunday, February 12, 2006, Anonymous beth wick said...

Mates of State rule the school! March 21st is the date . . . Kori and Jason will have some new sweet melodies that will make you shake, rattle and roll.

At Thursday, February 16, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, mos is great. there's a few more leaked songs here if you're interested, looks like it's going to be a solid album: http://www.musicforants.blogspot.com/


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