Feb 10, 2006

CHECKOUT We Are the Fury... Lamarckian Style

It's a good thing that humans don't evolve in one generation because my children would be born without mouths. I literally go days without talking and I do all my communication through my fingers. My progeny would, however, have a few auditory systems for listening to multiple songs simultaneously and large feet for kicking people's asses. I've always wanted to be famous, but in the spirit of Lamarck I've decided that I want to be famous for being really wrong about something. Hopefully not starting today, here's a track from a new band called We Are the Fury who's noteable for more than their unapologetic cold climate adaptation. I wish they'd evolve beyond their genus Dancerockis (including such species as hothotheat), but sometimes it takes a few generations...

We Are the Fury [Dancerockis wearethefury] - Better Off This Way (mp3)


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