Feb 8, 2006

The Go! Team + Ninja High School

These bands just belong together. Forever. They should have an indie rock wedding and buy a big house by the ocean. They should birth a clan of cheerleading misfits and travel the country as a choir peddling beats to the unsuspecting passerbys. Their enthusiasm and innocent charm will propagate and cover the world in a luminescent laminate of lyrical loving. [Update: If The Go! Team prosed, Greg from Ninja High School asserts their response would have to be "Thanks but no thanks, you're not right for us."]

The Go! Team - Ladyflash (mp3)

Help buy their children diapers by purchasing "Young Adults Again Suicide" at Tomlab and "Thunder, Lightning, Strike" at Insound.

Go! Ninjas, Go! Ninjas, Go!


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