Feb 1, 2006

Goldfrapp Videos... Number 1 in Corporate Profit

Goldfrapp - Number 1
There's something about the way those dogs walk... can't say that I've ever been so attracted to a dog.

Goldfrapp - Ride on a White Horse
Again... Sexy, but in a dirty way. Kind of in a hit-you-over-the-head-with-my-concept kind of way too.

"Here at home, America also has a great opportunity: We will build the prosperity of our country by strengthening our economic leadership in the world." - President Bush

Exxon Mobile posted a quarterly profit of $9.9 billion this week - THE LARGEST US CORPORATE PROFIT IN HISTORY (BBC Report) Does economic leadership in the world mean we can buy it? Leadership DOES NOT EQUAL winning.

Coachella Artist of the Day (worth prioritizing or not? leave a comment):
Devendra Barnhart -
At the Hop (mp3)


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