Mar 1, 2006

Cash: Living On.

Bruce Nauman - Setting A Good Corner (1999) [still from video]

I have a permanent place in my heart for Johnny Cash. I'm not a long-time fan who remembers his earliest performances, who relates to his rugged caricature, who listens to him everyday in my dusty pickup, or who knows every word to "Orange Blossom Special" (to the horror of karaoke audieces). I'm a fan who got hooked by the poignance of Cash's personally-relevant Nine Inch Nails cover, explored the depths of The Man Comes Around, and treasures his words with the recent conflicted passing of my aging hero. And I'm a fan who will continue to hold Cash tied closely to my experiences as both a rememberance and a comfort as his art lives on...

Best Johnny Cash reference ever: Guadalupe Vidal from Project Runway (mp3)
... and then just some hillARIOUS rambling PERIOD. [via Four Four]

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - It Aint Me Babe (mp3)


See artist Keith Andrew Shore's interpretation of
Johnny Cash's "The Big Battle" today at Said the Gramophone.

Slainte, Champ.


At Wednesday, March 01, 2006, Blogger Jenny said...

you should check out my friend brian's blog at ....... it's interesting because he recently posted on johnny cash too. Madonna in the dance tent, hey? I really need to talk to my professors and get permission to not be there........which might be a lot harder than you would think. I'll email them tonight I guess.


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