Mar 23, 2006

CHECKOUT The Milestone Corporation

Bjorn Melhus - Untitled

Sometimes I feel a bit watered down with my preference towards indie-tinged rock emphasizing lyrics and clever instrumention. I've even recently been known to favor a more electronic, keyboard sound to guitars and drums. For a supplement, check out a fantastic Swedish band called the Milestone Corporation - offering early REM reminiscent rock with a strong driving beat and plenty of interesting twists. I'm hooked on the power of these classically-framed songs and the timeless vocal stands out as rivaling the best. There is a fullness to the sound that demmands a stadium and another listen. For some reason I still can't believe I haven't heard this album before, yet I'm the opposite of bored by it. Try it on yourself... locally (Strictly Discs or B-Side in Madison) or at their website.

Milestone Corporation - Caught Up (mp3)
Milestone Corporation - Losers Way Out (mp3)
Milestone Corporation - Suburban Boredom (mp3)

The blog masterpiece
Copy, Right? collects cover songs to build a fascinating repository of all things borrowed. Todays post features two beautiful Moby covers from Everything is Wrong: "When It's Cold I'd Like to Die" covered by Flare and "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters" by Steve Velez and Da Capo Players. Other recent favourites include Damien Rice covering Traci Chapman, the famous Jose Gonzales Knife cover, and Fuck slowcoring Oops I Did it Again.


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