Mar 20, 2006

Monday Reflecting... Aberfeldy.

Shahram Entekhab - Flower (2005)

Aberfeldy - Vegetarian Restaurant (mp3)

This track speaks an outsider monologue with a homey, folksy twang. Apparently, even the oddest can find comfort drinking Irish Whiskey in a barn, mixing an intergenerational dance party with family and an iPod. Life is never without its vegetarian-ish incongruences, but harmony can be found in the coexisting voices - no matter what they say. John Hiatt and Gwen Stefani CAN share a playlist... and Kanye's Ray Charles sampling can get your mom to rap.

A couple more songs are available from Aberfeldy via their website.

Blogoholic's Fix of the Day:
Checkout more resounding voices from the Madison Diaspora at Never Enough.
Their music tastes are a welcome addition to the blogroll.


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