Apr 21, 2006

Bishop Allen: So Colossal and So Unstoppable.

Art Oriente Objet (AOo) - Henn (2005)

Images birthed of the art duo Art Oriente Objet (AOo) are strongly biological and possess a clear fascination with the human animal. A unique 1997 installation called "Live In Boston" explores an artistic pseudo-science experiment by displaying a video of a procedure that bred the two artists' (Ms. Laval-Jeantet and Mr. Mangin) skin cells alongside the actual skin samples tattooed by a tatoo artist.

Bishop Allen's delightful pieces of unique pop are being packaged into neat little packages in the form of a four-song EP released every month. "April" should be out soon, but here are samples from the last quarter in case you missed them.

Bishop Allen - The Monitor (mp3) [From the newest "March" EP]

Bishop Allen - The News From Your Bed (mp3) [From the "February" EP"]

Bishop Allen - Corazon (mp3) [From the "January" EP]

A whole year seems like an extensive project, but I suppose Sufjan would disagree. Order "Charm School" and all the EPs (only $5 each) at Bishop Allen's online store. [myspace]

Gnarls Barkley's single "Crazy" appears to be on the path to become this summer's over-played, over-hyped "Hey Ya". It's a solid pop hook with trendy watered-down influences, and the RIAA is already coming down hard on the little guys to preserve a big expected profit. Check out the arty music video that manages to take the mental-health insensitivity even farther. This drunk kid's version is even better. It's hard to not like the song, but do you really think you're in control? I think you're crazy.


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