Apr 22, 2006

Good Luck!

Kelsey Brookes - Bahama Mama

A formally trained biochemist, Kelsey Brookes now applies himself to the creation of brashly intricate images that weave a complex emotional presence through pairings of sex, animals, traditions, and loud colors. He has said that his body of work is inspired largely from his experiences in the US's university system that "refuses to teach its scientists to draw". Perhaps I enjoy our parallel conflicts and the dirty freedom that his commitment exudes, but each piece is simultaneously inspiring and visually intriguing.

Two of my buddies (Andy and Alex) take their MCATs today. Both will rock it out, but its is equally comendable that they are able to devote such time and energy while not losing themselves in the process. I can't be there physically, so I thought I should at least be musically supportive. I think this song is actually about bitterness towards a past relationship, but I chose it purely superficially based on it's title and basic chorus. So, just pretend it's a pop song on the radio and sing along without thinking about it.

Basement Jaxx - Good Luck (mp3)


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