Apr 30, 2006

Rock and The Rakes

Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadillo - UnderDiscussion (2005)

The Rakes are a London rock band birthed directly of the recent American rock band resurgence. Unfortunately many (including myself) found this shallow rerun annoying and uninspiring, and abandoned the resultant progeny to run around unsupervised and feeling entitled, writing on the walls of the music scene with loud nostalgia-colored crayons. The Rakes have apparently remained resilient and survived the childish mimicry, learned the language, and continue to scream for attention. Expected heavy guitar and crowd chant lyrics are flaunted like a spring teenage midriff, accessorized with transparent references to ancestors that are still too fleeting to be trusted. I retain the hope that rock is just going through an awkward phase and will eventually emerge with a deepened sound and mature self-awareness. But, right now I'd send it off to boarding school to find itself (apparently not in London).

The Rakes - Retreat (mp3)


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