Apr 11, 2006

Shopping Surrealism

Antony Micallef - Untitled

I've been on a bit of British art kick with Bansky making trouble over there, so I figured I'd post on Antony Micallef whose anti-corporate images quietly capture a washed out frailty of the American brand. Take some time to enjoy something not designed to sell you a product and make money... his beautifully intricate color works including 21st Century Love and The Deformation of My Beautiful Species.

Mellowdrone has a newish album, but I can't get over the song "Bitelip" from an early 2003 EP. The swooning vocals and helplessly frantic frustrations fit one of my moods perfectly and when I pass through it every once and a while I'm reminded of how much I love the song.

Mellowdrone - Bitelip (mp3)

This short composition by Chris Morgan reminded me of the surrealism of many past trips to the store.. Let me know what you think (especially Chris Franson)...

Chris Morgan - The Surrealist Goes To The Store (prose)


At Wednesday, April 12, 2006, Blogger Jenny said...

hey, nate just started a blog. http://nathanvstheworld.blogspot.com/ check him out ...... demand that he link you. I was trying to explain this whole linking is cool thing - he wasn't getting it.

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