May 10, 2006

Among Spinach Delights

Gabriel Orozco - Cats and Watermelons (1992)

In addition to currently trying to graduate, there are a few beautiful things on my plate. As I push some around like inevitable Orwellian-titled spinach "delights" amidst the sweets I want to save for last, I offer a few tastes for your pleasure.

The Acorns - Plates and Saucers (mp3)
This is a subtle track (until all the utensil crashing, perhaps) that triggers memories of the best times hanging around and goofing... now from a reflective, poignantly removed perspective.

We're Not Talking About the Universe Are We... - Do You Think (mp3)
Courageous and expressive manipulations of vocals and dynamics. I'm very interested.

The Televangelist And The Architect - The The Unconscious Collective (A Tale From Williamsburg) (mp3)
This is maturely intricate storytelling with some of what I love of the Mars Volta with much more relevance. I know very little about this band, but can't wait to hear more.

Zero 7 (Featuring Jose Gonzalez) - Left Behind (mp3)
This is a short track that does little but announce the Zero 7 + Jose Gonzalez partnership... but that is really enough. Good things to come.

The Morning Benders - Grain of Salt (mp3)
These guys are a fun take on pop rock. Stokes references are inherent in the melodic simplicity and the expressive yet laid-back vocals, but their sound also touts some classic Big Star whimsy and vital Beatles instrumentation dotted with tour stickers from fellow rising star Voxtrot. Comparing bands to others is a blatant sign of reviewer laziness, but also that he's trying to say the music is worth the comparison and some serious checkin' out.

John Vanderslice - Exodus Damage (mp3)
This one is just because I should have posted it long ago. Dance dance revolution references should really be more prevalent in indie rock, but only if they're embedded in a synonymously interesting context.

Hello Nurse - Last One To Know (mp3)
This is not something I'd usually recommend, but the ska-jittered guitar is for my friend Beth and anyone else ready for a summer porch concert.

Downliners - La Nueva Escuela (mp3)
Sometimes I get obsessed with tracks just because they surprise me with variety too vast for me to easily wrap my head around. I suppose this is a bit self-deprecating because these complexities are the hardest to write about.


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