May 27, 2006


Jason Rhoades - Untitled [Chandelier] (2004)

You could chalk up Beirut's buzz to the inevitable summer transition where introspective notebooks and gloomy grey ties are ditched for margaritas and buzzing with new friends on the porch. Or perhaps it's the universal appeal of fun music with interesting inspirations and a worldy style that can whisk you away to the ideals of another place. Either way, Beirut joins with Man Man to support the ballooning credibility of traditional Russian hipsters and the darkly enticing party atmospheres they create. The depth of Zack Condon's instrument closet reminds me of my recent nocturnal nostalgia-fueled affair with the movie Everything is Illuminated and his vocals of a Rufus Wainright and Colin Maloy love child.

Beirut - Postcards From Italy (mp3)


At Monday, May 29, 2006, Blogger Katie said...

i was ransacking your blog for new music this morning and discovered that there are a lot of links that don't work for me. why?

At Tuesday, May 30, 2006, Blogger Kyle said...

All music featured on I'm Just Sayin' Is All... is offered for a limited time only. Tracks not hosted from an offical source are cycled approximately every two weeks for ethical and hosting reasons.


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