May 16, 2006


Wim Delvoye - Cloaca (2001)

Cloaca is a conceptual work that emulates the human body while staying as aesthetically far away from the humanistic as possible. A series of metal, tubing, conveyor belts, and chemical chambers create a system of computerized digestion and a mechanistic perspective on the biological process that fuel our livelihood. Here are more pictures.

My strange relationships with my roomates yielded yet another confusing situation as a few apparently said goodbye by taking the shower curtain, disassembling the wireless network, and removing large pieces of furniture. It's an odd transition period where I really need a change, but can't just walk away from the complex relationships that have been the substance of my life. And the way that we humans handle these things... managing our emotional connections with schedules and ranked priorities. Clashing like big metal machines devouring time and spitting out photo album goodbyes. I'm told this is just what happens.

We Are Scientists - Nobody Move [live] (mp3)


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