Jun 2, 2006

Cold War Kids: Dusty Passion

Cold War Kids [more here]

The Cold War Kids knocked Tapes n Tapes off the stage last night with a stellar performance at the Annex that literally SCREAMED with passion. In the first performance of their new US tour, the Kids bounced from instrument to instrument yelping collectively from the gut about being wrung out and hung up to dry. More inspiring than the audio output was the group's genuine excitement, dusty folk style, and the piling of quirky individual dynamics towards a surprising synergy. Overall, The Cold War Kids could be the Southern equivalent of a chemically-sedated, early Modest Mouse fronted by Jack White. And I suppose that would have made my friend Beth and I the Wisconsin equivalent of a chemically-impaired, college-aged Mates of State fronted by Courtney Love.

Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds (mp3)

Cold War Kids - Heavy Boots (mp3)

Cold War Kids - Soloist in the Living Room (mp3)

I'm Just Sayin Is All... is represented again this week on Contrast Podcast. My submission to Podcast #9: Local is blog favourite Giddings For Love Who from Madison,WI. Check it out here!


At Monday, June 05, 2006, Anonymous beth said...

great show! I enjoyed Cold War Kids. Good thing I didn't help them with their drum set.


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