Jun 30, 2006

The Comfort of a Persuasive Placebo

Sohui Won - Weird Objects For Weird Users? (2006)
Sohui Won offers some innovative products to help with Autophobic lonliness including a tactile texturized comfort phone, a mechanism for talking to and receiving responses from trees, and a device to make talking to yourself more efficient. You can see them closer at the Royal College of Art's exhibition website. Very little can rival the comfort of a persuasive placebo.

Psapp (yes, a silent P) is a UK melody machine you may find suprisingly comfortable if you remember the theme song from the popular television show Grey's Anatomy. Apparently following in the rhinestoned shoes of the OC, curators of new TV soundtracks are forging a unique outlet for hearing original, independent music... ironically in a medium known largely for its lack of artistic experimentation and consistent perpetuation of mainstream corporate norms. Regardless, Psapp is an interesting airy delight. The beginning of "Tricycle" even has me humming Whimaway Whimaway from "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

Psapp - Tricycle (mp3)

Psapp - Words (mp3)

Psapp - Make (mp3)

If the Grey's Anatomy theme song is what you're looking for, it's called "Cosy In the Rocket" and is available from the Psapp myspace. Oh, Meredith.


At Tuesday, July 04, 2006, Blogger DAVE LIKES FISH said...

Pleasantly sweet vibrations.

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