Jun 15, 2006

Jolie Holland: Accessible Elegance

Tyler Peterson & Kristof Wickman - Makeover [Ironworks] (2004)

Jolie Holland could be the indie musical equivalent of the centerfold in an all-natural issue of Playboy. In male chavenist terms, it doesn't matter much to me what she says because I remain in complete awe of the gorgeous manner in which she will say it. Draped in a style characteristic of raspy female jazz vocals, Jolie manages to be simultaneously accessible and embody an untouchable elegance. This ability is rivaled only by centerfolds whose photos are staged to convince everyman that she is the friendly girl-next-door, while remaining too beautiful for him to ever really meet. Fortunately the death of this metaphor comes quickly with Jolie using her medium with an artistic depth capable of speaking beautiful truths, like the one found amidst the lazy hi-hat in title track from her new album called "Springtime Can Kill You".

Jolie Holland - Springtime Can Kill You (mp3)

Jolie Holland - All the Morning Birds (mp3)


At Sunday, June 18, 2006, Blogger Katie said...

i think little pius pfister is destined for the papacy. what a beautiful twist of fate that would be. of course, if we really go for the pope kid theme, we'd be amiss if we didn't include peter, gregory, leo, and john paul.

At Monday, June 19, 2006, Blogger Jenny said...

What will you name your child if it's a girl???? Anyway, I finally posted, so be happy.

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