Jun 10, 2006

Love Songs

Banksy - Street Graffiti [Girl With Bomb] (2004)

Banksy is currently wallpapering his spray-paint-stenciled social commentaries within the pens of the caged, namely the streets of the modern UK. His characteristic rodents and confrontational politics are sprayed to directly confront literal pillars of power and those that regularly scurry around them.

Today I need a love song like an American CEO needs another dollar. Here are a couple recent tragically obsessive loves... including May's Bishop Allen track and a piece of fantastic new UK synth-driven jagged rock from Pink Grease's new 7" release out this week. The third is a pleasant number from a noobish Canadian outfit called The Paper Cranes whose young EP is currently being spread via a Canadian tour.

Bishop Allen - Butterfly Nets (mp3)

Pink Grease - Ordinary Girl (mp3)

The Paper Cranes - I'll Love You Til My Veins Explode (mp3)


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