Jul 6, 2006

IF Ignorance = Bliss, THEN Bliss = Ignorance

Joe Malia - Design for the Computer Obsessive (2006)
Accompanied by a short story by Tim Johnson

Joe Malia both celebrates and challenges our online immersion through his sweaty product "Design for the Computer Obsessive", a literal fabric tunnel vision that potentiates our focus on the virtual worlds we create for ourselves on our desktops. Once the decision is made to choose a virtual reality, the aforementioned helps to minimize interruptions from an intruding physical life. Having control over the consistent observations of ones environment that creates a reality, one is suddenly able to define a new set of rules and avoid life's cliche integrally communicated through mainstream language and perpetually framed as inevitable.

An inspiration of mine supposedly just returned from Peru, the Incan paradise rocking in the heat of the sub-equadorian Pacific Ocean. This reduces the number of friends tugging at my frequent flyer mile temptations to a more mangeable number. A couple of soulfull cultural renegades from California specifically come to mind today, one looking to give a voice to the daily drag of farmers toiling for drug dollars and another making environmental business more sustainable one chair and one tallboy at a time. If you're reading, give a holla.

Immortal Technique - Peruvian Cocaine (mp3)

Placebo - Pure Morning (mp3) [from the intruiging movie Chumbscrubber]

Bishop Allen - The Same Fire (mp3) [June]


At Thursday, July 06, 2006, Anonymous Pell said...

Hey Kyle, up for some Margot next Thursday?

At Thursday, July 06, 2006, Blogger Jenny said...

Chumbscrubber..... we must rent it next time you come to Milwaukee for some period of time. I changed my voicemail so I can act as your secretary.


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