Jul 3, 2006

Stylish Self-Deprecation

Tom Sachs - Chanel Guillotine [Breakfast Nook] (1998)

The Scanners' post-punk urgency is classed by a backup string arrangement and popped with a catchy chorus. The tremendous lead track "Lowlife" is reminiscent of The Futureheads' throwback chilled and filled out by a female sensibility and a level-headed violin.

It retains, however, a perpetuation of the increasingly popular style of self-deprecation which feeds off the glamorization of the artist's low... a certain allegoric unifier, but a deliberate strategy that often strikes me as quite manipulative and confusing. I'm definitely being insensitive to those artists who risk their perceived integrity for love of personal expression, but not to those who export trendy self-loathing over myspace to sell records to every vulnerable 14-year-old emo kid. But why am I still suprised? Nothing is sacred in our fake-culture marketing machine and depression will probably be the color of the next Dr. Pepper can. At least there is a market for Tom Sach's Chanel Guillotines... to only to be used as rusty lawn ornaments.

NOTE: The above angry rant has NOTHING to do with the Scanners or any other real artist, only the lifestyle marketing culture that has stopped supplementing our lives with helpful products and started selling empty boxes with mirrored packaging. Oh yeah and because I'm applying for jobs today.

The Scanners - Lowlife (mp3)

The Futureheads - Skip to the End (mp3)


At Tuesday, July 04, 2006, Blogger Katie said...

good rant. has it helped you to find a job yet?

your friends pelly and katie

ps - good job painting jenny's apt. being a grown-up is overrated, anyway.

At Tuesday, July 04, 2006, Blogger Katie said...

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At Tuesday, July 04, 2006, Blogger Katie said...

by the way -- we accidentally posted our comment twice, so we deleted the duplicate. we decided to tell you, just in case you got overly excited about seeing two comments posted on your blog. of course, now it says that you have three comments posted, when in reality, you only have one. sorry.

At Tuesday, July 04, 2006, Blogger DAVE LIKES FISH said...

GREETINGS FROM COLORADO: The Spanish word colorado means colored red.
Luv ya, Uncle Dave

At Tuesday, July 04, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you write very well...hope this job you're looking for has that as part of its description! you'd do wonderfully.

At Wednesday, July 05, 2006, Blogger Jenny said...

I am so in love with that Caroline song. thanks for bringing it to me.

At Saturday, August 05, 2006, Anonymous Scanners said...

Lowlife is about a friend of ours who did romanticise the darker side of life. He found out the hard way that it is a fantasy and died of an accidental overdose. we're not calculating and exploiting anyone... the song is real.



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