Aug 11, 2006

Our Own Mold

Polona Tratnik - Microcosmos (2004)

Moving week for a college house inhabited by eight guys is synonymous with mold. Despite different cleaning strategies (one roommate obsessively scrubs himself without contaminated soap to avoid invisible invaders while others leave food in the sink for weeks while on vacation), an inevitable layer of gelatinous filth has managed to pour itself over the entire surface area of our lives. Perhaps in defense or toxic delusion, I've become strangely intrigued by piling molds as natural byproducts of the living condition. I prefer to think of our sticky state of affairs as a replication of Polona Tratnik's scientific exploration of the natural outgrowth of our own bodies onto surfaces and into the form of molds. In her gallery installation "Microcosmos", a sterilized porcelain bathroom was completely enclosed and exposed only to the artist's bodily microorganisms. The ensuing growth was able to confront our gut repulsion with our own biology, deliberately reframed as both natural and beautiful.

Science Groove is a novelty scholarly science collective led by a research scientist and musical maverick named Do Peterson. Striken with the common realization of the science community circle jerk, Do dropped out of his PhD program to apply his love of science to something that would actually find and interact with people in the real world (yes, "IRL"). The resultant deliverable is tied closely to textbook-accurate lyrics, but with the toe-tapping energy of well written pop hooks. The music struggles a bit standing on its own and sometimes is largely a ratio of Sesame Street for adults to dry science professor trying to keep his students awake, but I'll be the first to postulate that it's much better than the lecture that inspired it. And for all you recent science grads, you're going to love every minute.

The Frames - Rent Day Blues (mp3)

Science Groove - Hooray for NMR Spectroscopy! (mp3)

Science Groove - Oxidative Phosphorylation (mp3)

Science Groove - Come On Down (The Electron Transport Chain) (mp3)

Science Groove - La M├ęthode Scientifique (mp3)


At Saturday, August 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a biochemist geek, the Science Groove tunes make me smile.
It's as if Mark Mothersbaugh went back to school and got his PhD in molecular biology.

At Sunday, October 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At Tuesday, October 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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