Oct 5, 2006

Hiding Under the Covers

Susan Lee Chun - The Figurative Kind (2006)

A while back, I had this idea that I would start a band that would only cover indie artists because there is a plethoric smorgasboard of exciting music that just. doesn't. get. heard. And why do we need seven-hundred Bob Dylan covers, but only a few of The Promise Ring? Plus, it's completely the type of band a music-blogger would have; enjoying someone else's talent and spreading it around. Well, apparently Eric Metronome has beat me to it and probably done it better than I ever could have anyway. He releases one cover per week which he has completely restyled and posted in a catalog for free download. This is love returning on love's investment.

Eric Metronome - The Fairest of the Seasons [Jackson Browne cover]

Eric Metronome - Sadie [Joanna Newsom cover]

Eric Metronome - The Funeral [Band of Horses cover]

Eric Metronome - What You Wanted [Bill Ricchini cover]


At Monday, October 09, 2006, Blogger Jenny said...

You were right, I was missing out by not hearing that Joanna cover. I like that he keeps the awkward vocal inflection......beautiful.

PS - I feel like I'm stalking you or something.....email, phone, blog all in one day???? I think I'm creepin myself out here.


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