Oct 26, 2006

Our Crooked Roofs

Rivane Neuenschwander- Conversation 5 (2002)

This track zooms in on J. Tillman sitting on a cedar stoop under the dripping overhang of a self-censored shelter. He pulls uncomfortably at his soaked socks without mention of the maturing loss of who previously kept him warm. The banjo picks helplessly as he chooses one in an endless parade of tragic drips and softly blinks as it collides with a puddle and loses its shape. By unfocusing his eyes he can quiet the grey rushing wall in front of him and concentrate in the direction of where the horizon should be. It is decided that this newly dulled feeling cannot be unraveling into a lack of hope, but just a lack of anything with more promise than waiting for something that doesn't exist to step out of the haze.

J. Tillmann - Crooked Roof (mp3)

For some additional yet sparse seasoning, try Chris Cohen (previously of Deerhoof) as The Curtains.

The Curtains - Go Lucky (mp3)
Rivane Neuenschwander - Conversation 11 (2002)


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