Nov 23, 2006

Thanks For Reading.

Hans OpDeBeeck - The Stewarts [Grandma And Grandpa] (2006)

Larkin Grimm - Pigeon Food (mp3): Dip your oversized wooden spoon into this turgid pile of folk and serve grandma a dollup of emotional metaphor. You will never know if her new hip makes her more hip unless you ask. [*Anyone who understands the relevance of the lyric "Feed my soul to the roaches" should leave a comment NOW].

Rafter - Hope (mp3) [From the upcoming album"Music for Total Chickens"]: You know you're out of control when you have to remind yourself to NOT go to work today. This track scores the dream you'll have on Monday where you're climbing up a mountainous metal ladder to ring the accomplishment of a golden bell... but when you finally reach it and start whacking at its surface, you realize it's ringing at the same tone as your alarm clock and it's time to wake up to start from the bottom rung.

Architecture in Helsinki - Wishbone (Franc Tetaz Remix) (mp3): Burn this track onto a mixtape for your cousins who will be sufficently residually stoned to appreciate the computerized voices while watching the local news coverage of bouncing cranberries.


At Sunday, November 26, 2006, Blogger Holly said...

No, sadly, I almost never see music videos. I did record an entire night of MTV once just to get to see the White Stripes video that had Conan O'Brien in it, because it brought together two of my greatest loves. Perhaps I should do that again to see Beck! Sheesh MTV should just make a whole show of Michel Gondry videos, since it seems like those are the only ones worth seeing.

At Monday, November 27, 2006, Anonymous beth said...

interesting remix of architecture. i am your cousin, will you burn it for me, especially since i lack a computer nowadays.

At Monday, November 27, 2006, Anonymous bethie said...

btw: is that you and me on the couch in the future, on our magical, fruitful journey to produce 6 offspring in our 50s?

At Sunday, December 17, 2006, Blogger Ronan Jimson said...

Hey , Happy merry christmas.
see you soon,


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