Dec 13, 2006

Robotic Holiday Pets

Untitled - Marc Swanson (2005)

I'm officially bothered by the mindless covers of Christmas songs that were ORIGINALLY bland and the cheaply-manufactured robotic toy Santas that compulsively sing them as I walk past. Boiling over with that holiday spirit, I am offering you a chance to win a robotic toy that won't utter a word while it terrorizes your living room's miniature plant-life. Actually maybe it roars... yeah I think it roars. Just send me an email or a comment that includes your mailing address and be entered to win Discovery Channel's My RoboReptile (Children Magazine's 2006 Toy of the Year)! And because it's Human Rights Month, even the losers win a CD.

In case you want more information (and because I think this is probably the radest robot I've seen in a while)...

PIMPED Robot Features
Realistic biomorphic movements, four-legged walking and high speed running, bipedal "attack" mode, jumping action, flexible neck, whipping tail, multi-sensory environmental awareness, infra-red vision sensors for obstacle avoidance and detection of movements, sonic sensors for detection of loud sounds, and a touch sensor for responding to human interaction [demonstration].

Three Distinct Moods
1) Hungry: his "natural" (default) mood, activate the "feed" button on the remote and he will track down the signal.
2) Satisfied: he calms down after eating.
3) Hooded: he becomes subdued; depending upon human interaction, will either wake up hungry or fall asleep.

The Knife - Christmas Reindeer (sendspace mp3): This is an indie holiday ornament from my favourite mechanically-dark artist of 2006. It's a carol you can blare while putting the avant-garde wax decorations on your galvanized metal tree. Please remember to warn Santa that the stockings hanging above the electric LED fireplace are holographic. [FYI, the DVD Silent Shout: An Audio-Visual Experiment is on my Christmas list]

Laura Barrett - Robot Ponies (sendspace mp3): Laura dreams of a futuristic 2053 Christmas when every Christmas tree shelters a robot pony that eats plastic bags chopped like lettuce out of your hand. It reaffirms my policy that anything set to a bouncy West-African kalimba thumb-piano is worth a listen.


At Wednesday, December 13, 2006, Blogger courtney said...

Have you seen teh newest addition to the line of chrstmas singing sensations? There is a mounted buck head that wears a santa hat and sings crepy christmas songs. Some kids cry when they have to sit on santa's lap. I would personally find tis so much more frightening. Oh, and roboreptile = coolest robot pet ever. Feel free to send it to a-rock so we can scare the crap out of khaptka.

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