Jan 11, 2007

I Want To Raise An Army

Ryan Kamstra & Margaux Williamson - I Want An Army (2006 video)

The NEW DIRECTION that I propose involves Barbara Boxer continuing to challenge the frigidity of Condoleeza's barren uterus and giving the Reservists a break by sending in a surge of dancing rabbits.

"She doesn't think family, she thinks house, minivan, garage. She doesn't think boyfriend she thinks marriage, mortgage, refrigerator. The bodies seem to glide around these objects, they seem somehow absent. She doesn't think body, she thinks haircut, piercing, tattoo. Nouns crowd her, cancel her." - From Ryan Kamstra's "Working Girl" (2002)

Ryan Kamstra - I Want An Army (quicktime)

Tomboyfriend - End of Poverty (sendspace mp3)


At Friday, January 12, 2007, Blogger Mike said...

Wonderful choreography. I like the short one.


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