Jan 16, 2007

What Will You Miss When Things Are Fine?

Maria Friberg - Sill Lives 3 (2006)

Yesterday was my brother Joe's birthday. And if he would have survived the day of his birth, he'd surely convey a weathered 25 years of age today. He would loosen his tie and lean gently against the counter with his lanky elbows bent at nearly 90 degrees. In the middle of a calm and compassionate story about his day, a quote from a Matt Pond PA song would pass seamlessly without me noticing. It would remind him of college both in playful tone and sly execution. His stories would usually be a little quieter than I'd like, but I would miss plenty and respond a little too loud. But a swaggering Tom Waits impression after a glass of whiskey would be what he was known for. For anyone who took the time to listen, most important things would come to the surface when his exaggerated brooding cracked into a high-pitched giggle. And they'd all be returned to dreams when he sheepishly covered his face with a comforter the next morning. He would have bought me the Richard Buckner album for Christmas and gently explained what I'd been missing. After reading this post, he'd carefully note that he would have posted the song "Mile" instead, and he'd almost always be right.

Richard Buckner - Town (mp3)

Matt Pond PA - The Hollows (mp3)


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