Feb 25, 2007

The Danielson Familie

Danielson - Did I Step On Your Trumpet Music Video (2006)

Danielson can get an atheist to praise the Lord in a way I once thought only Mahalia Jackson could. Brother Danielson (Daniel Smith) adds an authentically strange indie sensibility to the cuteness inherent in a band full of red-haired siblings. And the result is fantastically genuine and largely indefinable performance art/music. The only reason it's necessary to note that they are hardcore Christian is because their religion motivates to create instead of destruct in a way I've historically thought impossible of the modern religious. The family publicly prays in convoluted indie lyrics, in smoky rock clubs, and in a way that one truly needs to see to understand. If you unfortunately have to wake up in the morning for church, you'll soon instead be able to watch their documentary Danielson: A Family Movie (out in April) which gets remarkably close to band's live performance. I'm hoping the release will include a new line of handmade comfort stuff and am actually looking forward to an evangelical knock at my door. Let me know if you're interested in a film screening.

Danielson - Did I Step On Your Trumpet (mp3) [buy the newest "Ships" featuring Sufjan Stevens]

Brother Danielson - Things Against Stuff (mp3) [I miss the Nine Fruit Tree]


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