Feb 8, 2007

In Need Of Eucrasia? We Will Be Your Friends.

David Drebin - Waitress

A lonley Hippocrates might have stumbled upon the bioliquid equivalent of friendship and defined it as the fifth medical humor, positing its production dependent on ingesting foods from a communal table. He could have noted that maintaining a sufficent amount flowing energetically through phlegm-clogged winter veins would be necessary to ward off a dyscrasiac humor inbalance, the cause of all human disease. Though its attributes may be difficult to tease from sanguine blood or choleric yellow bile, it clearly plays a role in the hydration of dancing the night away and the nourishment of hopeful dreams.

Justice vs. Simian -
We Are Your Friends (mp3): This naive track and fondly familiar video is for anyone nostalgic for lighting firecrackers under bathroom doors, sleeping in living-room furniture forts, chinese-food delivery bags filled with mountain dew cans, or taking shots with a plastic rhino. And it's dedicated to finding a way to make old stories feel welcome in the liability of your newly whitewashed home.

Panthers - Thank Me With Your Hands [MSTRKRFT remix] (mp3): Send evidence of your dance prowess or lack thereof (anything... a picture, a video, a story) to imjustsayinisall@gmail.com and win a free copy of MSTRKRFT's new CD "The Looks" and an understated band t-shirt.

Thunderheist - Suenos Dulces (mp3): Sweet weekday dreams of the weekend are made of caffeine and these synths.

Iron Horse - Kissing The Lipless (mp3): Strangely, this classic Shins song almost sounds better in bluegrass. This spectacular cover features a gleefully proficient banjo building to charm when the occassional tail end of a phrase is subtlely tagged with a howlingly pitched falsetto harmony. [Email me if you're looking for tickets to tomorrow's Shins show in Milwaukee]


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