Feb 19, 2007

Fragmentation, Destablization, Dissociation

Annushka Peck [from Milwaukee]

I was waiting at a downtown intersection in my car this morning bashing my head against the steering wheel to the beat of Crystal Castles when the green lights flicked on and literally began to seize(ure). I stayed behind my white line waiting for the towering stoplights to crash craters in the student-swarmed pavement, but the world didn't break apart. I sat, envisioning robot innards bursting molten plastic indigestion, Macy's celebrity-faced hydrogen balloons careening into cell phone towers, Esther Williams synchronized neural demyelination and its resultant electrical hurricane, and award show losers tap dancing on metal tears until they spontaneously combust. And then I realized that while the Crystal Castles' glitch-screams threaten to cause traditional pillars to shudder, their disturbance produces a caustic aftermath far deeper than physical destruction. "Alice Practice" grates emotional chords into fragmented mirror shards that remind us of the inevitability of our own molecules dissociating from each other and seeping into the cracks of our keyboards. And how hopelessly pissed we should be.

Crystal Castles - Alice Practice (mp3) [sweet band artwork]

Crystal Castles - Air War (mp3)


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