Feb 21, 2007


Because I'm in a terribly destructive mood and would surely output something convoluted and incoherent (more so than usual), today's recommendation comes from Aaliyah Sams, who celebrated with the Harlem Shakes as they released their debut Burning Birthdays EP and launched their current tour with Deerhoof.

A few things I enjoyed about seeing the Harlem Shakes
by NYC Blog Correspondent Aaliyah Sams

1. The show started on time.
2. I am poor. Entertainment that is good AND cheap is hard to come by.
3. The lead singer drinks Gatorade... is it in you?
4. They have a fuckin trumpet player.
5. I felt like they were having a good time [side note: I hate those bands that make me feel like I have to entertain THEM].
6. The lead singer sounds like Frankie Lymon... singer of "Why Do Fools Fall in Love"
7. Every song is good. Nuff said.
8. Go see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harlem Shakes - Carpetbaggers (mp3)

Harlem Shakes - Sickos (mp3)


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