Feb 14, 2007

My Brokered Heart

Pepon Osorio - My Beating Heart (2002)

It's always a delight to be mocked by the grinningly greased repair man who has just charged you $300 to repair a windshield wiper. And to watch him diverting his inappropriate laughter to what he uncomfortably asserts to be the ridiculous ($15) amount of sales tax. As you sit down to file your own taxes, the slick young newsman mentions the number of people killed with your contribution last year. His smooth semantic dance segues seamlessly to a haloed tribute for Donald Trump and Anna Nicole Smith. You usually enjoy the transparency of the nightly televised parade of corporate warriors; taking time to comment on their latest face paint and boob-jobs. But tonight the reality of your own denial-starched uniform (Check Number 1401) is tucked neatly into an envelope and your mind drops its pen to turn momentarily back to frustrated love.

The Acorn - Brokered Heart (mp3)

ODAWAS - Alleluia (mp3)


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