Mar 1, 2007


Hans Herman Viets - Balancing Bull (2006)

The sobering reality of democracy was made obvious in the national election of 2004; stupid people live here too. According to today's NY Times article (thanks Mikey P), "Splashers" are voicing their opinion in the romantic democracy of street art by violently ruining it. At least the destruction appears to be based on a thoughtful critique, in true NYC fashion. Neighbors are a necessary evil, and the Republican rebuttal is that at least they're not car-bombing. I just wish the incessantly ringing telephone in the apartment next to mine would stop.

If you're in Madison this weekend, seriously checkout the BarCamp Madison unconference. It promises to be a high-tech entrepreneur sleepover, which I guess means giggly graphic designers will beat each other over the head with PHP-coded philosophy and cans of Mountain Dew. I'm sure you'll be seeing the products of its radical synergy, or at least read about it on the blogs.

Another event that is not to be missed is the inaugural event of The Art Deparment (no not the UW) collectively presenting a "new local art incubator to bring local/regional contemporary art to Madison". The night of March 2nd from 7-11 features the naturally textured play of
Hans Hermann Viets, the rough-skined conceptual sculptures of Janel Schultz, the challenging pottery of Mark Duerr (Madison), the flowery subtle stylings of Nina Bednarski (Madison), & the pop prints of Craig Grabhorn (Madison) of Fireworks fame... all with connects to Madison and back at the Lakeside Studio [330 W Lakeside, 442-9662]. Hell, yeah. I expect big things.

!!! (Chk Chk Chk) - All My Heroes Are Wierdos (mp3)


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The.Surreal.Deal... coming June 2007


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