Feb 27, 2007

Thinking About Thinking About Getting Old

Iris Schieferstein - from Hundskerle II installation (2005)
(click to zoom in)

It's another big day for religion. The Virgin Mary made an appearance on a burned pizza pan, apparently resurrecting from the tomb she shares in Jerusalem with her son Jesus and grandson Judah. The Philadelphia band Dr. Dog sounds like the celebration of a historical resurrection should; swinging violently from down-turned lyrics to passionate wailing, and from disciplined clapping to pounding on the beer-soaked wood of a bar piano. And today the possibility of a canine surgeon seems more reasonable than Catholicism.

Dr. Dog
- Die, Die, Die (mp3) [buy the new album "We All Belong" released today]

Dr. Dog - My Old Ways (mp3) [video]

[So I guess last night's Apples in Stereo show was fantastic.]


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