Mar 19, 2007

The Art of Sleep and The Science of Sound

YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES - The Art of Sleep (2006) [click above]

Sleeping in the Aviary - Another Girl (mp3): After the band acoustically carves the stage into separate piles of white and dark meat, this greasy bit is left to ooze fragrant juices and grit. Rational repulsion and irrational texture-sensitivities avert their eyes, but your reptilian adventurousness pushes itself to the front of the crowd to enjoy the underlying sweetness. It certainly helps to have a gizzard, a motorcycle helmet, and a tolerance for pre-show vomit. [This video explains it all.]

Note: Sleeping in the Aviary are probably idling somewhere in Colorado today along the path of their current national tour. One slice of venue-pizza at a time, these local all-stars are spreading the chaotic art of their Madison-basement rock from Seattle to Massachusetts. In fact, Seattle's "Indie Pop Press" just threw some weight behind the tour, saying that the band is a "viable contender for the Next Big Indie Thing".

Discover them before Pitchfork and reinvigorate their Midwestern spirit for the east-coast leg of the tour by attending one of the mid-tour Madison shows at the King Club on March 20th or The High Noon on April 2nd. If you absolutely can't catch a live show, their 2007 debut release "Oh, This Old Thing?" is definitely a worthy approximation.


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those guys are good.


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