Mar 23, 2007

The Blogroll as Remedy For Digital Thigmotaxis

Vladmir - A Portland Vladmaster Performance (2005)

Life is a series of manageable stills when viewed through the lens of a View-Master (TM). Portland artist "Vladimir" has chosen this format to focus her audience's attention; handmaking her own picture stories and holding large performances where individuals can move through them under the same soundtrack. Experience this live art in downtown Madison tomorrow, Saturday March 24th @ 7:30 ($5) at the Madison Center for Creative and Culture Arts. Among others, the event will present Lucifugia Thigmotaxis, the story of a cockroach named Stanley.

Thigmotaxis is the need for pressure on all sides of your body in order to feel safe. Perhaps this is why a hug can be such a powerful remedy. Come give Madison's Pale Young Gentlemen some love as they release their first (but not amateur) CD tonight at Cafe Montmartre. Judging from the myspace tracks, the album is dipped in a self-reflective after-work beer and its corresponding playful secondwind. The casual living-room piano and affectionate vocals welcome you to into the growing world of indie pop-folk without leaving the friendly intimate city of Madison, Wisconsin.

The Pale Young Gentlemen - Saturday Night (Isthmus "Mad Track")


At Saturday, March 24, 2007, Anonymous Noam Weinstein said...

Kyle- I love what you're doing here; it's great to find someone journeying through the worlds of sound and image with equal enthusiasm! Noam

At Saturday, March 24, 2007, Blogger Mike said...

You've got new art? When's the next mannequin-filled gallery show in the disturbing basement of an abandoned office building?


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