Mar 6, 2007

Rise Up

Lauren Larson - Apparition (2005)

Non-English lyrics force my unilingual ears to feel out the movement and emphasis of the words' intention without immediately swallowing them to my brain for analytical interpretation. And Danish "Under Byen" feels sung into the wind. Each word could be a minute of pressurized muscle memory whose release recycles wasted energy like rising helium into cycling low pressure systems. They're pouted with predictable respitory rhythms, puffing subtle ripples that are only visible upon their impact with still ponds, writers' pens, and nightly newsman gestures.

Under Byen - Af Samme Stof Som Stof [Polmo Polpo Remix] (mp3): Sounds like Bjork remixing Paul Oakenfold's "Hold My Hand".

Essie Jain - Glory (mp3): Sounds like an exhaustion-sedated Erin McKeown pleading in a church dream for a ressurection of her own.


At Wednesday, March 07, 2007, Blogger Katie said...

yay ghosty Blessed Mother-shaped thing!


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