Mar 25, 2007

Hold Up, Wait a Minute

Dan Colen - Secrets and Cymbals, Smoke and Scissors [My Friend Dash's WallIn The Future] (2004-2006)

Girl Talk tore Madison up tonight. Tickets were scarce, jeans were rolled, glowing neon bracelets were snapped, the stage was rushed, speakers were knocked over, sound was unplugged, shirts were ripped, crowds were surfed, and Nirvana and Justin Timberlake were sampled (simultaneously). The Madison crowd brought the energy and Girl Talk brought the reason.

Man man co-headlined the impressive bill with a yelping energy that could only be eclipsed by the most energetic live DJ show around. On any other night their innovative sound, costume coordination, and impassioned performance would be the focus of the post. Perhaps tomorrow.

Girl Talk - Hold Up (mp3)

Girl Talk - Bounce That (mp3)

Man Man - Boom Box (mp3)