Mar 17, 2007

Mammalian Diving Reflex

Hannah Hoch - Half Caste (1924)

I like to drink water as if I'm drowning in it. I like to imagine that the liquid surrounds me everywhere except the pit of my throat and I can just let the water pressure fulfill my equilibrium. With today being the day of whiskey, I'll have to imagine the Burren instead. Or I'll be swimming in the toilet.

The Swell Season - The Swell Season (mp3): This is the title track from the duet album between Czech singer/pianist Marketa Irglova and The Frames' Glen Hansard. Yes, they call themselves The Swell Season. It distinctly reminds me of the overly-emotive soundtrack theme from an old movie, but I can't remember which. Have you seen it?


At Saturday, March 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This track has a distinct resemblance to the soundtrack from the movie "Proof." - Maureen

At Sunday, March 18, 2007, Blogger Kyle said...

I don't think I saw that movie... perhaps this song has the features of one of those faces that just always looks familiar.

At Sunday, March 18, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you're right. because i just listened to it again and thought it sounded a lot like the 'finding neverland' soundtrack. - Maureen

At Saturday, March 22, 2008, Blogger D.W. said...

Proof - by Jocelyn Moorehouse? That was a good score, pretty good story, too. Weaving and Crowe, before they got too big or lazy. Anyone here know how to find a recording of Cage's Water Walk?


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