Mar 10, 2007

Old Saint John in Wisconsin

Mark Ryden - The Butcher Bunny (2005)

The Cold War Kids passed through Wisconsin this weekend with sweat-soaked rock and white tees. And while you can read my comments about how it sounded in Madison at the daily page, our Milwaukee Blog Correspondent Beth Wick has some words about their stop nearer the great lake. If you caught the Madison show, you'll definitely note the similarities:

"Under the simple glow of red and white lights, the Cold War Kids made their stunning debut performance in Milwaukee on Wednesday. Surprisingly The Rave booked them to play at the bar, but this quartet garnered quite the following – enough to fill at least the basement of the venue.

Despite the smoke-filled, sweaty, uncomfortably confined space, the Cold War Kids worked well with what they were given and made a solid impression on the youthful Milwaukee crowd by putting on an impressive memorable, energetic set. Starting off the show were the crisp chords of “We Used to Vacation,” and the crowd was hooked at the beginning, appreciating the drunken-swaggering melodies the Kids are known for.

The members calculatingly staggered around the stage, flirted with their instruments and brought forth such passion, enthusiasm and vigor to their seemingly simplistic sounds. The band was pouring sweat in their thrift store tees less than halfway through the set, but tirelessly kept giving it their all throughout the night.

The highlight of the evening was no less than “St. John.” Delta Spirit – one of the openers – joined the Kids to help with the chaotic rhythms and singing. The stage was packed, and the collaboration of both bands shouting lyrics and playing anarchic percussive beats felt more like a tribal ritual than like a rock show at a cramped venue. Their live performance provided as much credibility for their album as their intoxicating, saloonish sing-along melodies provided comfort to an adoringly loyal fan-base, who was well aware of their music regardless of the lack of Milwaukee radio airtime.

Aside from the poor venue space, these Kids captured the attention of the Milwaukee scene at the show and created quite a buzz in the city. The next day Milwaukee radio finally gave the band the attention and respect they deserve, playing “Hang me Up to Dry” on primetime radio." -- Beth Wick

The Cold War Kids - Saint John (mp3)


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