Mar 9, 2007


Spamtrap - Bill Shackelford (2006)

Bill Shackelford invented his own physical "Spamtrap". This gallery piece responds to an email address created to lure spam emails by printing them out and shredding them. Bill also has a great melting installation commentary on Global Warming and a video about the fleeting nature of money.

Radicalfashion - Shousetsu (mp3): This song manages to capture the dramatic slowing of time that results from simply paying attention; in this case while concentrating on holding your breath. I fondly remember this from childhood existential daredeviling... inhaling a couple lungfuls, closing my eyes, tightening my lips, and violently gasping just as I became certain I'd die of Asphyxia. Expecting that at least hours had passed, I'd glance hopefully down at my watch, which was already shaking its head and telling me only ten seconds had passed. Again. "Shousetsu" skews perspective in this same way by focusing on the usually-absent breath and metronome and letting the piano flutter at the speed of calmed mood and rushed thought. [buy the 2007 Odori ambience]


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